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Levitra vs viagra cialis canada pharmacy cialis cost The World Health Organization has published its first assessment of climate change's direct impact on the world's health, and it makes for disturbing reading. The WHO's assessment is based on new levitra 10 mg kopen data compiled from Buy levitra tablets dozens of scientific studies on temperature, rainfall, air pressure, ocean currents, sea level rise, and disease patterns in more than 150 countries. The findings offer a stark view of the health effects a warmer world. The report notes that a warmer climate will lead to more intense heatwaves, flooding, heat-related fatalities, and more diseases such as malaria, the spread of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, and droughts that could cause food shortages. A warmer world will also cause higher humidity and air pollution—two key factors in exacerbating heat illness, according to the report. And global warming will make it more difficult for human immune systems to respond new pathogens and infectious cancers. "The human body can no longer cope with these changes," said Wachniak. "In some regions the consequences will be extremely serious." The WHO report is more than simply worrying; it's an attempt to set priorities and chart a road map toward developing more science-based responses to threats posed by climate change. It highlights that warming will pose challenges for everyone from the poor to rich, vulnerable privileged. If climate change is to be mitigated, the report cautions, all nations need to come together levitra vs viagra cost in concerted and focused efforts. But climate change also offers opportunities for the developing world, especially in wake of recent crises that are exacerbating existing health challenges. One such example is the Ebola outbreak in West Africa that began a remote village in 2014 and has spread rapidly, infecting more than 6,000 people. Climate change—while not to be taken lightly—has made the situation in West Africa much worse, according to WHO officials. It's caused water temperatures in Sierra Leone and Liberia to rise over 30-50 degrees Fahrenheit above normal for an extended period of time, making the situation more dangerous for health workers and the hundreds of thousands people they are attempting to care for. These factors also have contributed to a recent epidemic among livestock in the region. And if this new WHO report is any Levitra 10 mg filmtabletten rezeptfrei indication, the world needs to begin looking more seriously at the way it handles climate change as a health threat. The most pressing needs are to cut pollution and reduce heatwave impacts, provide health care workers with more resources to fight disease, and ensure all health-related organizations have the proper resources to deal with the threat of extreme heat. More information about the 2016 Global Burden of Disease Study and the 2015 Global Health Estimates in the report "Climate Change Health" is available online. This the third in a series of posts highlighting the impact that Affordable Care Act will.

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