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Prednisone is used for treating severe allergies, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and skin conditions.

Buy prednisone in the uk [21:28] <@emmaw> i mean we don't know what that pill does to the body [21:28] Well same way every other med is [21:29] mik8 you sound worried! [21:29] how much longer until we get the pill itself? [21:29] so what are they doing to the children then? [21:29] not really, I mean [21:29] It sounds like a pretty solid prescription. [21:29] <@emmaw> yeah they still not talking about what it's actually for [21:29] <_Err404> I know am and still getting the same shitty pills that i used to be getting that were just as shitty and cost cheap coke [21:29] <@emmaw> and not really the same [21:29] <@emmaw> but then again I'm getting no help regarding that from mr coke_jr [21:29] oh yeah it sounds like that [21:30] no and the old pills [21:30] miyako gives a great example of what's going on [21:30] so that's not good [21:30] Emmaw: I'm getting the same shit, old stuff that cost way more and were very unstable. Not sure what Online pharmacy school usa they do now though. [21:30] And I'm in the US [21:31] i'm going to the UK in a month or so for family visit, maybe in june. [21:31] so i'll update maybe just get in touch with mr coke_jr if necessary :) [21:31] Rooty! yeah I'm going, but they're going to tell me i'm supposed get the pill over there. I'm just going to get it over here and have sent with the drugs on way [21:31] i'll definitely be getting in touch with Mr Coke's doctor now to check I'm getting exactly the right dosing [21:31] <@emmaw> is there a reason to worry with mr coke_jr you said? [21:31] i have an idea, we need a way to have central server of places where parents and patients can report the wrong dosage [21:31] so they can tell the pill company, if they have any questions [21:32] <+theChosenHalfBlo> The pills are pretty good [21:32] <@emmaw> i am not worried [21:32] root, but as a student I can only afford to buy 2 pills, so there's really not much to go on. [21:32] yeah and im not sure [21:32] What if you get some type of injection and it makes the pill stronger? [21:32] i'm just hoping we'll actually get the right stuff [21:32] if there wasnt a problem [21:32] It would be great to have a central source of information, and also to be able track where the drugs are going and people who getting them. [21:33] <+theChosenHalfBlo> Sure, in the same vein as internet in the 1800s. I am willing to bet it would be useful to have a central database [21:33] But like what would I check for a prescription drug that I need? [21:33] ^ i mean, we could track that with a server i think [21:33] and hope that this can be solved in the future, but until then internet is the best resource you can have [21:33] In the case of prescription drugs I can't help you, Prednisone 20mg $36.94 - $1.23 Per pill sorry. [21:33] miyako: im talking about that in the future [21:33] miyako: thanks man!

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